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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Location:     Beckwithshaw Village Hall

Present:         Councillors – Cllr D Spence (Chairman), Cllr A Ellis, Cllr J Parish, and Cllr

Mr S Swires.

Parish Clerk – Mrs J H Galloway.

                    1 Member of the public was present.

                    The first 15 minutes were held in the Copse.




1                 Apologies              Cllr M David and Cllr Mrs S Swires.

2                 Declarations of Interest             None.


3                 Exempt Information                   None.



4                 Approval of previous minutes –


Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Annual Meeting held on 9 May 2023 was proposed by Cllr Spence, seconded by Cllr Parish and signed by the Chairman.

Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9 May 2023 was proposed by Cllr Spence, seconded by Cllr Parish and signed by the Chairman.

5        Urgent Business –           Defibrillator at Squinting Cat – permission has been

granted by Greene King for it to be sited at the Squinting

Cat Pub. Exact location is under negotiation.

                                                  Grants – Working with Organisations – Cllr Parish to

obtain examples of Grant Forms. Criteria for grants to be

formulated and also guidance to other funding be offered.

                                                  Bench – siting of, on Otley Road. Reminder to be sent to

Persimmon Homes (Copy to Cllr Ellis). Order Bench.

                                                  Notice Board – Apply to Cllr Hull for a Locality Grant.

                                                  Commuted Sums – Cllr Parish to follow up.

                                                  Standing Orders –  All Parish Councillors to read then sign

                                                  declaration at next meeting.

  1.                Finances – The bank balances at 13 June 2023 were reported to the Parish Council:

                    Business Current Account                                                              £1,584.09

                    Business Money Manager (Deposit Account)                                  £7,477.09


          Clerk to investigate the possibility of a ‘Debit Card’ for some payments. – ongoing.


Bank Mandate partially updated still need signatures (2 Cllrs details needed urgently)

Payments included                      Insurance                         £264.00

                                                  Data Protection Fee            £35.00

Approval for payment of Clerk’s expenses proposed by

Cllr Ellis and seconded by Cllr Spence                                  £289.12

Prior Approval for payment of Clerk’s Salary (£542.95) and tax (£135.80) was


Internal Audit – Cllrs Spence and Ellis to attend at 7.00pm prior to next PC meeting

to carry out audit.

7       North Yorkshire Councillor  Cllr Hull to follow up on information re the “Rural

Footpath” from Beckwithshaw Roundabout to the Cricket Field.

                       Cllr Hull has also been asked to investigate several

outstanding items raised with Highways.



8        Planning Matters – Decisions

          ZC23/01723/TPO                                            Granted subject to conditions

Felling and replanting 2 trees at Long Lane House, Beckwith Head (Mrs Anna Byron)



Rebuild of Overhead line at The Stables, Shaw Lane (Northern Powergrid)

          The Parish Council has no objections.


Erection of first floor extension and formation of roof terrace at Delauney House,

Moor Park (Mr & Mrs Bruce)

The Parish Council has no objections.




Prior notification for the change of use of agricultural building to form2 dwellings at

Wildside Barn, Otley Road (Cardale Retreats Ltd)

“The Parish Council does not object to or support the application but wishes that there is appropriate access to this site.”


9        Local Plan             The group have composed a letter to be sent to Cllr Pat Marsh

about the concerns of the local area.


10       Traffic and Highways       Several outstanding items to be referred to NY Council.

                                                  20’s Plenty – Survey Report from North Yorkshire Council

is due on Monday 26 June 2023.


Problems can be reported to North Yorkshire on the following webpage:


11       Copse and Grass Cutting  The Copse was inspected at the start of the mmeting.

                                        Actions required –    The lime trees need trimming at the base.

                                                                      Bramble needs removing from base of tree

numbered 2434 (TPO number)

Paving needs sweeping.

                                                                      Ivy needs removing.

                                                                      Surface trim or just trim border of paving with

a path to Information Board. Clerk to

contact Chevin Landscapes.

12      Correspondence              Received reply from Richard Flinton, Chief Executive of

NYC. Should receive a response by 3 July 2023.



13       Councillors Questions    Information received about a community Bus.

                                                  The Parish was asked if the day of the meeting could be

altered to a Monday evening as Beckwithshaw has

received a new booking for Tuesday evenings.

The Parish Council agreed.






14       Dates and time of next meetings –      Tuesday 18 July 2023 at 7.30pm  

                                                                        and               Monday 11 September 2023

Monday 9 October 2023

                                                                                Monday 20 November 2023

                    Please make note of dates. All are booked in the village hall.

The meeting closed at 9.55pm

Please check the website for further information –





No. Action Responsibility
1  Defibrillator – Contact Squinting re location  Cllr Spence
2  Defibrillator – Source Demo Cllrs
3  Commuted Sums – follow up  Cllr Parish
4  Grant form – examples  Cllr Parish
5  Bench – Contact Persimmon Homes  Clerk (Copy to Cllr Ellis)
6  Notice Board – apply for grant – Locality Budgets NY  Clerk
7  Standing Orders please read, to be signed at next meeting.  All Cllrs


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