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Tuesday 11 April 2023

Location:     Beckwithshaw Village Hall

Present:         Councillors – Cllr D Spence (Chairman), Cllr A Ellis, Cllr M David, Cllr J Parish, Cllr

Mr S Swires, Cllr Mrs S Swires and Cllr N Hull.

Parish Clerk – Mrs J H Galloway.

                    1 Member of the public were present.

                    Following the Open Meeting the meeting commenced at 8.10pm

1        Apologies                                  None.

2        Declarations of Interest             None.

3        Exempt Information                     None.

4        Minutes of the meetings held on 14 March 2023  

Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting was proposed by Cllr Parish, seconded by Cllr Steven Swires and signed by the Chairman.

5        Urgent Business    –        Bench – Email received from Persimmon Charles Church, the

                                                            siting of bench passed to their technical department.

                                                            Defib Grant –  Grant Approved. Negotiating the positioning of

defib at the Squinting Cat.  Equip to be ordered.

Newsletter and Litter Pick – 250 Newsletters delivered, only

          35 needed to be posted.

Litter Pick was held on 25 March at 10.00am, starting in Village

Hall Car Park. Only 7 persons volunteered. Litter Picking Policy

needs to be reviewed as the roads are getting extremely

dangerous – cars not slowing down, even when volunteers are wearing Hi Viz jackets. 10 bags of rubbish, 1 piece of guttering, 1 plastic pipe and 1 Metal clothes post were collected on the day. 4 more bags collected by Cllr Ellis on 30 March


Coronation – 72 mugs have been ordered for distribution to

School Children.

6        Finances       The bank balances at 31 March 2023 were reported to the Parish Council:

                    Business Current Account                                                              £   933.32

                    Business Money Manager (Deposit Account)                                  £5,456.24


          Clerk to investigate the possibility of a ‘Debit Card’ for some payments. – ongoing.


Bank Mandate needs updating with new signatures.

          Payments include    Clerk’s Salary                                                  £542.95

Clerk’s Tax                                                     £135.80

Clerks Expenses                                             £170.76

Needs approval       Beckwithshaw Village Hall – Room Hire            £350.00

                              Prop    Cllr Ellis        Sec    Cllr Mr Swires

TP Jones – Salary Calculation Fees                 £  79.20

Prop    Cllr Mr Swires         Sec   Cllr David

Clerk’s final Expenses                                     £  63.80

                                        Prop  Cllr Spence      Sec  Cllr Ellis



Year end accounting       Accounts have been prepared and need an internal audit.



Insurance renewal           Insurers to be contacted re increase in precept amount which

is used for calculation of fee.


7        North Yorkshire Councillor

                                                  The Transition to Unitary is taking place. All old web addresses

                                                  can still be used and will redirect to new.

8        Planning Matters   Decisions


23/00385/FUL                                                   Permission Refused

Erection of a proposed storage building on land at Bradbury House, Moor

Park (Mrs D Manton)

23/00568/TPO                                    Granted Subject to Conditions

Lateral reduction to a Beech Tree TPO 34/1995 at Parish Council Land at junction

of B6161 and B6162 in Beckwithshaw (Beckwithshaw Parish Council)

23/00781/PBR and 23/00793/PBR    Granted Subject to Conditions

Prior notification for conversion of agricultural buildings to 1 dwelling and annex at

Beckwith Barn, Beckwith (Jenny Cairns)





Proposed detached single storey garage at Snell House Farm, Otley Road (Mr Robert


The Parish Council does not object to or support the application but wishes to make

comments or safeguards as set out below:

“That the temporary second entrance be blocked up as no planning permission has been granted.”


Erection of double garage and stable block and enlargement of domestic curtilage at Central House Farm (DAB Developments

                        The Parish Council has no objections

9        Local Plan             Local group still in contact re plans locally



10      Traffic and Highways                 Clerk still waiting for Highways to forward the slide show

information for report.

Problems can be reported to North Yorkshire on the following webpage:

11      Copse and Grass cutting           Quote requested from Chevin Landscapes.

12      Correspondence              A letter received from a resident thanking the Parish Council

for all the work they do to support the community. Chairman to reply.

13      Councillors Questions    A question of who owns fencing was asked. Looking at the Land

Registry Records was recommended.



14      Date & Time of next meeting:     At 7.30pm     Tuesday 9 May 2023 Annual and PC

                                                                                Tuesday 13 June 2023

                                                                                Tuesday 18 July 2023

                                                                                Tuesday 12 September 2023

                                                                                Tuesday 10 October 2023

                                                                                Tuesday 21 November 2023

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

Please check the website for further information –







No. Action Responsibility
1 Reclaim VAT – ongoing Clerk
2 Broadband, continuous Cllrs Spence and Ellis
3 Speed on Lady Lane, Data Loggers Cllr David
4 Parish needs for Traffic Management Cllrs Spence, Ellis and David
5 Contact Highways – ongoing Clerk
6 Extract data from Traffic sign – ongoing Clerk


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