Report on Parish Council Activities undertaken during the Covid-19 Pandemic



From March 2020 up to 24 February 2021




                    See Appendix A




A grant of £235.00 from Knabs Ridge Two Ridings Community Foundation was sought to purchase Bluetooth Software to enable data retrieval from the Flashing Traffic Sign. After the grant was approved and received the software was installed. The installation costs of £250.00 plus VAT being paid for from PC funds.

Several months data has been downloaded and reports have been forwarded.

The current lockdown seems to have reduced the traffic flow into Beckwithshaw from the west by approximately one third.


Several Potholes and adverse road conditions have been reported to NYCC Highways via the Parish Portal





Grass cutting was undertaken by Simon Crossley, £55 plus VAT per cut for the Verge at the Shaw Lane Junction and £44 plus VAT per cut for the grass verge between the Shaw Lane corner and the Smiths Arms.





The Litter Pick due to take place on Saturday 4 April 2020 was cancelled.

A small number of litter pickers have been purchased if individuals would like

to Litter Pick (Contact Parish Clerk)





                    Applications and/or Decisions



          20/00060/TPO                                      Refused Permission

          Crown reduction of 1 beech tree within TPO 02/1975 at Apartment 1, Mansion House, Moor Park (Mr Irving)




19/04963/FUL and 19/04964/LB            Permission Granted Subject to Conditions

          Demolition of conservatory and stable block, erection of two storey and single storey extensions, installation of rooflights and associated landscaping works at Snell House Farm, Otley Road, Beckwithshaw (Mr Robert Farnley)




          Erection of single storey extension at 3 Moor Park Close, Beckwithshaw (Mr Alex Lister)


          The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Granted Subject to Conditions




          Variation of Condition 2 (Drawings) of Planning Permission 19/04128/FUL to allow amendments to rear extension detail to form parapet and install rooflight on western elevation at Ingle Manor, Moor Park, Beckwithshaw (Mr & Mrs Murphy)


          The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Granted Subject to Conditions



          20/01106/CLOPUD                               Refused Permission

          Erection of outbuildings at Leckhampton House,Hill Top Lane, Pannal

(Mr M Welsh)



20/02064/FUL                                       Application Withdrawn

Erection of replacement dwelling and detached garage with associated external

works and demolition of existing farmhouse and outbuilding at Jackland House Farm,

Lady Lane, Lund House Green (Mr & Mrs Edington)


The Parish Council had no objections.




erection of 1 dwelling with associated access point with hard and soft landscaping

and alterations to land levels across the site at Land to the East of Hill Top View,

Hill Top Lane, Pannal (Mr David Hayton)


The Parish Council has no objections.




Outline application, with access off Whinney Lane, for the erection of 270 residential

dwellings and a new school with associated roads, parking, landscaping, drainage

and open space (all matters reserved) at Land comprising Field at 428984 452916

Whinney Lane, Harrogate (Banks Property Ltd)


The Parish Council objects on the planning grounds set out below:-



Haverah Park with Beckwithshaw Parish Council wish to object to this application based on the issues and concerns raised as below. The planning decision should not be made until the Parameter Plan is in place, reviewed and agreed with Harrogate Borough Council and the affected Parish Councils.


Traffic and Transport


·       Lack of an integrated plan featuring suitable transport links across the Western Arc Developments.


·       No planned road or pavement improvements for Whinney Lane, Lady Lane and Hill Top Lane. Work has commenced widening Whinney Lane but further work will be necessary to achieve National Standard Road widths.


·       The traffic assessments are not based on current usage (the Jacob’s Report is over 5 years out of date)


·       Whinney Lane, Lady Lane and Hill Top Lane have little capacity to accommodate increased traffic flows even at the levels predicted over 5 years ago.


·       The Whinney Lane/Pannal Ash roundabout currently suffers from congestion at peak periods. There is no proposal to include footpaths and cycle lanes on Lady Lane and Hill Top Lane (There is a National drive towards reducing trips by car by encouraging walking and cycling).


·       In the WYG Castle Hill West Transport Assessment at Section 9.10 it states that “residual traffic impacts are not severe”, residents who would be affected by any increase in traffic are certain that this statement is incorrect.


·       No consideration has been given to the wider aspects of the traffic flow to and from the immediate sites under consideration and how it affects the villages of Beckwithshaw, Pannal, Burn Bridge and North Rigton.


·       Section 8.5 of the WYG Assessment states that “At the Pannal Ash Roundabout, Otley Road/ Pannal Ash Road/ Cold Bath Signals and the Prince of Wales Roundabout the effect of development is to increase queues and delays to some extent, but that increase is not considered to be severe.” The Parish Council does not believe this to be an accurate assessment.


·       The existing network is insufficient to carry current loads and yet Section 7.24 of the WYG Assessment is saying that overall the impact of development generated traffic is low, compared to committed development and traffic growth, and the impact is not severe. The Parish Council believe that the impact will be severe.


·       No capacity to widen Whinney Lane at the northern end due to existing housing and on-street parking.


·       The Transport Assessment confirms that existing public transport services are too remote from the site to be a viable travel option. Whilst infrastructure provision for bus routeing is mentioned, there are no firm and committed proposals to fund additional bus services which will satisfy the sustainable transport aims expressed in Local Plan Policy TI1.


Water Supply and Drainage 


·       Negative impact on the supply/pressure of the local water supply.


·       No design data to prove that the proposed surface water drainage solution is adequate and based on agricultural land flooding history, not the output from a developed site with its inherent hard surfacing.





·       Lack of sustainable housing.


·       Lack of a developed approach to the design of the properties and their impact on global warming.



Education Provision


·       Lack of holistic planning. Included in the three large sites (Windmill Farm, Bluecoats and the 2 parts of H51) of the Western Arc Development provision has been made for 3 Primary Schools but no provision for Secondary Education, indicating that all those pupils of secondary age would need public/private transport to and from school which would further add to the burden of the transport requirement/network.


·       There is no certainty offered that the capacity of the proposed new schools will be available to meet demand in anticipation of the occupation of these properties.


·       No evidence that the existing secondary education provision could accommodate the increased levels of secondary pupils.



Community Facilities


·       No Local Retail provision.


·       No indication of the provision of Medical Facilities.


·       Lack of provision of a Community Centre.


·       Transport Hub.


·       No defined Play Areas.


·       No defined Sports Areas.


·       No indication of any properties being made available for shared ownership.


·       No indication of a management plan for the ongoing maintenance of public spaces.




·       No assurance that the proposed housing will relate to its rural setting with the use of materials sympathetic to the rural location


·       No acknowledgement that the development will respond to current climate change initiatives i.e. Higher levels of insulation, solar panels (for electricity generation and hot water generation), partnering deals for wind turbines at sea, use of grey water, individual  ground or air source heat pumps, or a consideration for a district wide heating system.


·       No provision is given to protect existing and future wildlife habitats.


·       Protection is required for the existing trees and  hedgerows.

·        Existing footpath routes require to be protected and preserved and have a policy in place to mitigate the impact of the likely increase in footfall. I.E where routes  impact on less people and properties these should be chosen.





New build prefabricated storage building at Vida Court, Beckwith Head Road (Alan Vida

Healthcare Ltd)


The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Granted Subject to Conditions




Erection of single storey extension and canopy at Beckfield Grange, Shaw Lane (Mr

M Cheek)


          The Parish Council has no objections.   




          Erection of two ground floor side extensions and a first floor extension over the existing

          building at 1 Moor Park, Beckwithshaw (Mr & Mrs N Chippindale)


          The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Granted Subject to Conditions




          Retrospective amendment to approved planning application 20/00041/FUL, resiting of

garden room at Braithwaite Barn, Beckwith (Mr Dave Hayton)


The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Refused Decision appealed

20/00102/HOUSER         APPEAL Ref APP/E2734/D/20/3265929     


Erection of extension to provide meeting room and accessible WC at Church of St

Michael and All Angels, Church Row, Beckwithshaw (Pearce Bottomley Architects)


The Parish Council has no objections.   




Erection of single storey extension at Shawfield Farm, Shaw Lane (Drs Khoshneviszadeh

and Currie.


The Parish Council has no objections.   




Demolition of existing rear building and erection of single storey rear extension at 5

Williams Court, Beckwithshaw (Mr Oliver Bellerby)


The Parish Council has no objections.




Felling of one Ash Tree(T1), five Oak Trees (T5, T6, T8, T9 and T12) one Cherry

Tree (T7), one Cedar Tree (T10) one Birch Tree (T11), one Beech Tree (T13) and

one Spruce Tree (T14). Dead wooding and crown cleaning of one Ash Tree (T2) and

three Oak Trees (T3, T4 and T15) within A15 of TPO 02/1975


The Parish Council does not objection to or support the application but will support the

professional decision of Harrogate Borough Council’s Arboricultural Officer on this



Permission Granted for felling of three Oak Trees (T5, T8 and T12) and one Birch Tree

(T11). Deadwooding and crown cleaning of one Ash Tree (T2) and three Oak Trees (T3,

T4 and T15)


Permission Refused for felling of one Ash Tree (T1), two Oak Trees (T6 and T9), one

Cherry Tree (T7),one Cedar Tree (T10), one Beech Tree (T13) and one Spruce Tree (T14)




Variation of Condition 5 (BREEM) of planning consent 17/00094/OUTMAJ at Beckwith

Head Road (Vida Healthcare Ltd)


          The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Granted Subject to Conditions



          20/02986/CLOPUD                               Permission Refused

          Erection of outbuildings at Leckhampton House, Hill Top Lane (Mr M Welsh)





          Construction of roof over existing area for storage of farm manure at Beckwith Lodge

          Farm, Beckwith (Mr Richard O’Neill)


          The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Granted Subject to Conditions




          Conversion and extension of garage to form living room at Beckwith Lodge Farm,

Beckwith (Mr Richard O’Neill)


The Parish Council has no objections.    Permission Granted Subject to Conditions




Erection of steel structure with Yorkshire board sides and fibre cement roof, to cover

existing farmyard manure storage and livestock loafing areas at Beckwith Lodge Farm,

Beckwith (Mr Richard 0’Neill)


The Parish Council has no objections.




Various works to various species within TPO 32/1996 and 08/2012 at Bluecoat Park,

Otley Road, Beckwithshaw (The Environment Partnership)


The Parish Council does not objection to or support the application but will support the

professional decision of Harrogate Borough Council’s Arboricultural Officer on this







          Alleged non compliance with condition 4, passing places. Commencement of work

          without permission and commercial use of property re Planning Application 14/01885/FUL

          at The Old Barn, Beechfield Farm Beckwithshaw.


          New work appears to be reroofing which does not require planning permission.

          Access lane narrow and in a poor state, requires passing places and improvement.

          Commercial storage for whom? – requested further details.


                    Ongoing investigation.




          Alleged breech – siting of caravan in field at Hole House Farm Howhill Quarry Road.


          A caravan is sited within the curtilage of the dwelling and is being used as ancillary

accommodation in connection with the main dwelling. This is not a change of use nor is the

caravan classed as development.  Case closed.




Potential breech of condition 6 (19/00656/DVCMAJ) – surface water drainage at The

Bothy, Moor Park, Beckwithshaw.  Case ongoing.





          The bank balances at 3 February 2021 were:


                    Community Account                                                            3,409.02

                    Money Manager (Deposit Account)                                      1,435.46



                    Financial Accounts for 2019/2020 were prepared and approved –

See Minutes of Finance Meeting 24 September 2020 – Appendix B


For details see cash book at Appendix C





                    Whilst the Councillors have not necessarily been involved in ‘visible’ activities they

are currently working with the Western Arc Group in an effort to ensure that the road

infrastructure surrounding the proposed new developments will be adequate and safe

to carry the additional traffic which will be generated and mitigate the impact of the

additional vehicle numbers passing through the village. Councillors have participated

in many online meetings with HBC Officers and Councillors and with our local MP.


In parallel with this activity other Councillors are working with Open Reach in a

concerted effort to improve Internet availability and signal strength to provide an

improved service to all Parishioners.


We will be sending out a Parish Council newsletter in the next few weeks to update

people in more detail the Councils current activities and our successes.



DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETINGS:    Probably virtual meetings  

Thursday 11 March 2021

Thursday 8 April 2021 – includes Parish (Open) Meeting

                                                  and     Thursday 13 May 2021 – includes Annual Meeting (AGM)




Please check the website for further information – www.beckwithshaw.org












Reclaim VAT



Broadband, continuous

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Speed on Lady Lane, Data Loggers

Cllr David


Parish needs for Traffic Management

Cllrs Spence, Ellis,

David and Gordon





Extract data from Traffic sign - ongoing