MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON Tuesday 21 September 2021


Location:     Beckwithshaw Village Hall


Present:         Councillors – Cllr D Spence, Cllr A Ellis, Cllr T Muirhead, Cllr M David, Cllr Mrs J

Ryder and Cllr Miss V Oldham.


Parish Clerk – Mrs J H Galloway.


                    1 Members of the public was present.


1.       Apologies:   Ms J Parish


2.       Declaration of Interest:    None.



3.       Exempt Information:       None.



4.       Minutes of the meetings held on 17 August Parish Council Meeting  


Approval of the Minutes of the above Parish Council Meetings was proposed by Cllr Muirhead, seconded by Cllr Ellis and signed by the Chairman.



Matter Arising from Meeting on 13 July 2021


21/02897/TPO        The Parish Council acknowledges that their objection to the

Planning Application from Mrs L Ayrton was made without the

knowledge of background facts.



5.       Urgent Business:             a.       Parish Council Vacancies –        


It was proposed by Cllr Ellis and seconded by Cllr Spence that

Ms J Parish be co-opted as a Parish Councillor with immediate



It was proposed by Cllr Ellis and seconded by Cllr Spence that

Mrs S Swires be co-opted as a Parish Councillor with effect from

19 October 2021 subject to confirmation from Harrogate Borough



b.       New Defibrillator      Stonebridge Homes has been

written to but no reply yet.


The Knabbs Ridge Fund will be open for grant applications in March 2022


c.       This area is now on the Open Reach map for faster




6.         Finances:   The bank balances at 20 September 2021 were reported to the Parish Council:


                    Community Account                                                            £4,193.82

                    Money Manager (Deposit Account)                                      £1,435.53



          Letter from HSBC bank re change of account – new account for Community a/c will cost

£8.00 per month. Research possible new Banking arrangements.



Approval required for Clerks salary and expenses:-

                    Salary                     £384.80        Approved by Cllrs Spence and Muirhead

                    Tax                           £96.20        Approved by Cllrs Spence and Muirhead

                    Expenses                  £64.27        Approved by Cllrs Spence and David


Clerk’s Salary          No details yet on 2021 NJC pay award. The amount currently paid at is the bottom of the scale range. Due to the increasing amount of technical knowledge required a review will be held to re assess the pay rate.


On purchasing the traffic sign in December 2019 a maintenance agreement was not taken

out. Quote received for maintenance – Same extended warranty for 3 years at the same

price of £450 + VAT.  The Parish Council approved the purchase of the extended

Warranty and the cost of a visit to the site (£300.00 + VAT) to check that sign is still working

and not damaged.



7.       County Councillor’s Report:     



8.       District Councillor’s Report:      Some recycling collections not made due to shortage

                                                            of drivers



9.       Planning:    


                              21/00490/FUL                             Granted Subject to Conditions

                              Conversion of traditional buildings to 2 dwellings at Central House Farm

                              (Mr Phil Stainsby)



                              21/03362/DVCONPrior consultation, the Parish Council has no objections.


21/03357/PBR – Prior consultation, The Parish Council objects as this design is completely out of character for locality, building materials should be suitable to the rural setting.


21/03635/FUL - Prior consultation, the Parish Council has no objections.


21/03704/PNA - Prior consultation, the Parish Council has no objections.




10.     Local Plan             Parameters Plan still not published. The ongoing meetings are trying

to ensure that our local concerns are taken into account.




11.      Traffic and Highways:     Parish Portal           All reports made to NYCC’s Parish Portal

                                                  have been responded to with 3 outstanding for action, clearing

drains, Hedge trimming and sweeping of chippings.


                                                  20mph limit proposal.        A negative response has been

received from NYCC. A meeting to be

held with NY Police to enquire if there

are any other measures that can be





12.   Copse and Grass Cutting:           The verges have been cut by contractor.


                                                            Ideas wanted (trees/Shrubs) to commemorate the Jubilee

next year.


13.  Correspondence:     


i)                 Letter re defibrillator          Details to be included in the next newsletter about

the use of the defibrillator.


ii)               Newsletters and e-mails forwarded to councillors.



14.  Councillors Questions:       The Chairman on behalf of the Parish Council thanked Mrs

                                                  Jayne Ryder for her contribution and support of the Parish




15. Date & Time of next meeting:         Tuesday 19 October 2021 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 23 November 2021 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 11 January 2022 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 8 February 2022 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 8 March 2022 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 12 April 2022 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 7.30pm.


The meeting closed at 10.05pm




Please check the website for further information – www.beckwithshaw.org










Reclaim VAT – reclaimed awaiting payment



Broadband, continuous

Cllrs Muirhead and



Speed on Lady Lane, Data Loggers

Cllr David


Parish needs for Traffic Management

Cllrs Spence, Ellis

and David


Contact Highways - ongoing



Extract data from Traffic sign - ongoing



Key for traffic sign



Review of Clerks Salary