Location:     Commenced in the Copse then in Beckwithshaw Village Hall


Present:         Councillors – Cllr D Spence, Cllr A Ellis, Cllr T Muirhead, Cllr M David and Cllr

                                        Ms V Oldham.


Parish Clerk – Mrs J H Galloway.


                    1 Member of the public was present.



1.       Apologies:             Cllr Mrs J Ryder and Cllr S Lumley.



2.       Declaration of Interest:    None.



3.       Exempt Information:       None.



4.       Minutes of the meetings held on 18 May 2021, Annual Meeting and Parish

Council Meeting  


Approval of the Minutes of the above Parish Council Meetings was proposed by Cllr Ellis, seconded by Cllr Muirhead and signed by the Chairman.



5.       Urgent Business:             Community Group Proposal.


                    The Parish Council can award grants under Section 137 of the Local Government

Act 1972. Clerk to provide application form.





                    Include that the defibrillator situated at the Smith’s Arms was unavailable to use

recently because when the NHS was contacted to access the machine they refused

to give the code as the machine was more than 600 metres from the incident. For more outlying areas, eg farms etc, a code could be issued to access the machine.


Include a date for litter picking.


Children walking to school are experiencing difficulties with cars parked on the footpath and with overgrown hedges in the village. When parking cars ask residents to please leave room on the footpath so that pedestrians (including disabled) do not have to walk on the roadway, and please manage hedges so that they do not encroach on the footpaths.




                    20mph speed limit near school. Need to evaluate the value to the village and also

the amount of  support in the village.




6.         Finances:   The bank balances at 8 June 2021 were reported to the Parish Council:


                    Community Account                                                            £4,801.69

                    Money Manager (Deposit Account)                                      £1,435.50




                    Prior Approval required for Clerk’s Salary and Expenses


                                        Proposed by Cllr Spence             Seconded by Cllr Muirhead




          Receipts and Payments Account and Bank Reconciliation


          The approval of the Receipts and Payments Account and Bank Reconciliation for the

year ending 31 March 2021 was proposed by Cllr Muirhead, seconded by Cllr David.  The Accounts were signed by the Chairman and Clerk.




                    Annual Return.


          a)       Exemption Certificate. 


The Certificate was completed, approval was proposed by Cllr Muirhead and seconded by Cllr David, carried by all, and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


b)       Annual Governance Statement.


The statement was completed, approval was proposed by Cllr David and seconded by Cllr Muirhead, carried by all, and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


          c)       Accounting Statement. 


The statement was completed, approval was proposed by Cllr David and seconded by Cllr Muirhead, carried by all and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.







7.         Planning:     





                    Formation of an outdoor riding arena at Beechfield Farm, Beckwithshaw

                    (Ms Honey Scott)


The Parish Council objects as set out below:-

There is concern that due to the number of stables associated with this property the larger sized riding arena will be for Commercial use and not purely domestic.

There is a problem with the access road as it is a narrow lane with no passing places. This lane is shared by 3 properties, a holiday cottage and is also used to access agricultural land. There is an outstanding Enforcement Order (20/00172/BRPC15) about passing places on this lane.



8.       Local Plan             No progress on Parameters Plan, delayed until July.  




9.       County Councillor’s Report:      None.





10.     District Councillor’s Report:      An announcement is due in the next couple of months

on the decision about North Yorkshire’s Unitary




11.      Traffic and Highways:


                              TWM Traffic Management to be contacted re the possibility of turning

the traffic sign round.


Contact David Siddans to ask if our traffic data would be of interest to him.


Cllr David to ask for data loggers




                    B6161  ROAD CLOSURE            20 JULY 2021 to 16 AUGUST 2021


As part of a programme to maintain and improve the highway, North Yorkshire County Council have included works to repair Pot Bridge in this year’s program. The bridge is on the B6161 between Beckwithshaw & Penny Pot Lane.

The work will include excavating the road to install a concrete saddle to strengthen the existing arch as well as repairs to the bridge parapet & wing walls.

Works are scheduled to start in late July/ early August and the road is expected to be closed for approximately 4 weeks. During this time a diversion will be signposted via Beckwithshaw, Norwood & the A59.



12.   Copse and Grass Cutting:


After inspecting the copse it was suggested that:-


                    The vegetation at the edge of the paved area be cleared.

                    A path to the information board be cleared, with a path round the bench.

                    The Lime trees to be trimmed at their bases.

                    Purchase wildflower seeds to ‘spot’ sow around the area.

                    Forward thinking to maybe planting a tree for the Queens’ Platinum Jubilee

                              in 2022.



13.  Correspondence:     


i)                 Newsletters and e-mails forwarded to councillors.



14.  Councillors Questions:       None.



15. Date & Time of next meeting:         Tuesday 13 July 2021 at 7.30pm



The meeting closed at 9.50pm


Please check the website for further information – www.beckwithshaw.org









Reclaim VAT



Broadband, continuous

Cllrs Spence and



Speed on Lady Lane, Data Loggers

Cllr David


Parish needs for Traffic Management

Cllrs Spence, Ellis

and David


Contact Highways - ongoing



Extract data from Traffic sign - ongoing